Water Leak Detection

Water Leaks are also commonly known as slab leaks because they are usually located under concrete, foundation or behind walls where they are hidden and not easily found. By capturing a slab leak or water leak early, we can aid you in preventing substantial damage to your home or commercial property. While it might seem daunting to invest in slab leak repair service at first, having our trained plumbers working on this important task will ultimately conserve you considerable time, money, and anxiety. Call us now (561) 990-5555

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What are the symptoms of a water leak?

  • High water bills
  • Mold on your walls
  • Water coming up from the floor

How to conduct a water leak detection test

First step — Check your water bill. If you believe you have a water leak, the first step is to check your water costs. This first sign is a huge indicator that there is a problem and possibly a leak somewhere on your property.

Second step — This is the simplest method to check for a leak. Do a walk through of your home, and check every fixture that pours out water. If the fixture is shut off and it is dripping or you hear running water then you most likely have a leak. Other signs to look out for are stains in the ceiling or mold at the base of walls.

Third Step — Locate your water meter on your property, If the needle continues to move, you most likely have a leak somewhere on your property.

Once you have gone through these steps the 4th and final step is to call the experienced professional at 5 Plumbers. We will arrive with our sophisticated leak detection technology making sure we are able to locate the precise location of the leak. Precise location is key to a successful repair. Without leak detection technology we would be guessing where the leak could be and that could lead to unnecessary demolition to your property and therefore high costs for the repair. With our Water Leak detection equipment we can decrease the probability of a mistake and get the job done quickly, professionally and budget friendly.

How long will the water leak detection process take?

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